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About Onikah

Member of American Tarot Association

20 years of experience in person /online


I discover to be gifted on my early teen when a dream became real, I use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

I’ve been studied for my entire life the divination art of tarot , the unseen world , the subconscious mind , the spiritual side of life.

I have a Master certificate in Tarot Reading , Certified Spiritual , Love & Relationship and Life Coach.

Using my unique ability to read energy and tarot cards.

I will guide you trough life , being very compassionate and empathetic with your concern , problems or question.

When you will have a session with me you will experience more then a simple reading , you will feel connected with me at the spiritual level which will make you feel enlightened .

I'm very honest and direct , if you are not ready to hear the truth I'm not the advisor for you , my ethical value make me very straightforward I don't want waste your time and money , I will help you to find the truth but you need to be prepared to accept it.

LIVE READING are alwais better for good connection of energy , but if you need remote services , here is what we can do trough email :


DISTANCE HEALING ENERGY 30$ : I'm able to send energy healing for anxiety , for lovers confused , for self confidence , spiritual confusion, insomnia , tiredness , concern , life issues , love issues . I need NAME , DOB and specifically what's the issues you need healing for .This particular procedure work better during FULL MOON , this is the calendar of 2020 for FULL MOON :

  • Jan. 10 - Wolf moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse (not visible in U.S.)
  • Feb. 9 - Snow moon
  • March 9 - Worm moon (supermoon)
  • April 7 - Pink moon (supermoon)
  • May 7 - Flower moon
  • June 5 - Strawberry moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse (not visible in U.S.)
  • July 5 - Buck moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse
  • Aug. 3 - Sturgeon moon
  • Sept. 2 - Harvest moon
  • Oct. 1 - Hunter's moon
  • Oct. 31 - Blue moon
  • Nov. 30 - Beaver moon and a penumbral lunar eclipse
  • Dec. 29 - Cold moon

FULL TAROT READING LOVE 50$ : Please specified name dob of both , and a breaf explanation of the situation . the most clear will be your question the better and precise predictions you will get it .

ANGEL MESSAGES FROM OTHER DIMENSION READING 40$ : This procedure is comonly used if you have someone loved in the other dimension and you want to ask a suggestion or a messages from them.

ANNUAL LIFE PREDICTIONS MONTH BY MONTH 40$: Used for a general prediction about important things happening during the year month by month , you will not find specific details about numbers , timeframes , but you will have a general indications about what's going to happen during the year in your life .

COMPATIBILITY READING NEW LOVERS 40$ : NAMES and DOB are needed to look into potential and compatibilty with a new person , new connection.

Q&A :

Which tarot card used in a reading : I use The Rider-Waite Deck. This is the most common and popular deck used very clear to understand , I also use Oracle Card when I need an Yes or Not answer , I use Angel Card when I need to communicate with the spiritual world or when I feel there is a message from the other dimension for you.

How you feel or sense the future : I use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses,very similar to telepathy or clairvoyance , that's why I need your info Name and Dob , reading those I connect with you and feel energy or seeing what's going to happen

How long have you been practice reading : I started when I was 15 years old , after my awekening dream , I have 20 years of experience

Why you claim to be International Known : I work with customer from all over the world ( Europe , India , Australia , Saudi Arabia , Canada , US and many others country)


meltrimble wrote at 15.02.2020


Eloise1975 wrote at 09.02.2020

Very accurate , lots of information and very fast to respond ! I'll be back for sure

ArizonaBound wrote at 07.02.2020

Onikah was good! She gave accurate information

Professional73 wrote at 28.01.2020

I appreciated the reading. Her responses were quick and detailed. I will follow up.

Lisa832000 wrote at 27.01.2020

Outstanding reading she knew things very private , date , everything! She's the real deal , I'll be back soon!!!Thanks Onikah

parth wrote at 23.01.2020

very good reading. i was given some accurate results for my financial and love situations. thanks for good help.

Gisb23 wrote at 21.01.2020

Accurate, precise and definitely shows real psychic abilities! She knows a lot of my POI , she gave me clarity and she told me about a presence I was already aware of but I didn't mentioned ... GOOD!! Thanks I will be back soon

Lucas wrote at 20.01.2020

Very good psychic she was able to see things private not mentioned and she offers clear timeframe! Thanks

gintonicrocks wrote at 19.01.2020

Onikah knew so much. Reading gave me so much clarity.

CTJustin wrote at 19.01.2020

Onikah was dead on about the person I asked about. I am still a bit speechless. I ran out of credits but I will absolutely be back!!!