• What are free minutes?

    When you start as psychic you have 100 free minutes you can send to your clients. Those free minutes can only be used for consultations with you. Your payout for those free minutes is $0. You set the validity of the free minutes (i.e. seven days).

    There are also free minutes granted by our system (i.e. for customers' birthdays), your payout for those free minutes is $0.50 per minute.

  • How are my earnings calculated?

    NEW: to help you through this difficult time your payout will be 100% for the time being. 


    New customers are offered a special rate for their first call. They pay $1 per minute for a maximum of 20 minutes, your payout is $1 per minute.

    (After corona: You receive 30% of your set rate.

    You set your rate at $10 per minute - you receive $3 per minute.)


  • When and how do I get paid?

    You get paid twice a month, on the 20th and the 5th. Payment on the 20th is for all consultations between the 1st and 15th day of the month. Payment on the 5th is for all consultations between the 16th and the last day of the month. You will receive a full statement of your earnings for your records, and payment will be transferred to your PayPal account.

  • How does the chat work?

    Chat consultations only work on laptops or PC, not on mobile devices.

  • What does 'psychic of the day' mean?

    Everyday we will have a selected psychic of the day especially highlighted on our website.
    As psychic of the day you will appear as first psychic on top of the page labelled as psychic of the day. Your rate will be $2.99/minute and your payout $1.50/minute.

    In your login area you will find the section "Campaigns" with a calendar. Everyday at 3pm EST you can sign in as psychic of the day. Please note you have to be online and available for at least six hours, break not included. Every 40 days you can enter again. If you fail to be online for at least six hours on that day you won't be able to enter for 80 days.

  • Can I choose my profile name?

    Yes, you can. Be creative.

  • Who sets my rates?

    You decide your own rates. In your advisors profile you can set your price for phone and chat readings from $4 to $10 per minute.

  • What is the Call Monitor?

    The Call Monitor opens automatically if you receive a call or you can view the Monitor in your login area clicking on "Monitor" on the top of the site.

    It shows details about the call, you can type in information on the customer, i.e. the topic, while your are talking so you can recall all the information when you speak the next time.

  • Is it allowed to promote Galaxy Psychics and my profile specifically on social media or other channels?

    It is allowed to promote Galaxy-Psychics and your profile on social media, make sure to link Galaxy-Psychics.com and your profile in the advertisement.

    It is not allowed to advertise your social media accounts/channels on Galaxy-Psychics!

  • Is my private information accessible for a third party?

    No, we value and protect your privacy.

  • Is there a support for psychics?

    Yes, there is. We want you to be happy. In your advisors area, you can get in touch directly with our service team, who will answer to your questions.

  • Is there a tier in the compensation?

    No, we guarantee 30% compensation, no matter how many minutes per month you work.

  • Can I choose the hours I work?

    Yes, you decide when and for how long to be online. We recommend you let your clients know in your schedule on your profile when you will be available.

    Of course we suggest to be online as much as possible, and stick to your set hours, so your clients can be sure to reach you at this times.

  • How do I terminate my contract?

    You can terminate your contract via e-mail to our service department. There is no period of notice required. Our service team will close your profile immediately upon receipt of your termination notification.

  • If I break my schedule does it affect my earnings?

    No, but you will earn more if clients know they can rely on the schedule in your profile.