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I am a renowned Tarot Card reader and Numerologer. I am a natural born psychic reader. I specialize in matters of Love & Relationship, Money, Business, Career, Health, Property and wealth etc.

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About Ritika

I am a renowned Tarot Reader and Numerologer. Using my psychic powers and abilities, as well as through logical reasoning and experience, I get valuable insight on your future and I can guide you accordingly. I view a situation from all points of view, and I go beneath the surface. My style is very positive, comforting, caring, healing, and supportive. I will not give you a precise time frame nor give you false hopes. I provide you with a direct answer. In case you looking for insight, advice or healing your situation, I will show you what will be the best for you and help you to manifest a wonderful outcome. I use my psychic abilities for solving problems of people facing issues related to Relationship problems, Money, business, Career, Health issues, Property and wealth etc. My way of conducting a session is I will ask you briefly about your background and what’s currently going on in your life, moreover I need to know and understand what brought you to me today. I will ask for first name and date of birth. If you have some questions of your own before I start I will listen and clarify any doubts you may have before I begin.