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I specialize in love and relationship. I read the past, present, future and answer all questions. Call me today for a better tomorrow.

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About Psychic rose

I am a gifted psychic, I've been doing readings for over 35 years, I've helped many people in my lifetime. I will guide you on the right path. I could read your past, your present and your future as it is. I do psychic readings, energy readings, Terrell card, angel card, First name and birthday readings.





josef78 wrote at 17.11.2020

Thank you for this great reading! I will call you again!

Diamond960299 wrote at 16.09.2020

I love this woman! She not to just feed off what u tell her and she’s very upfront no sugar coating

Diamond960299 wrote at 17.08.2020

Best , I like some one who doesn’t ask questions and Feed off what u tell them , rose is not like that your name and birthday and she does the talking ! Love her!

AlliyAhTooBadx wrote at 17.07.2020

I absolutely loved your insight you really gave me a lot of hope within and I will keep u updated its my promise

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Thursday, December 3, 2020

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