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I'm Native American from the Turtle Clan with over 2 decades of experience as a Spiritual Advisor, Tarot Reader & Medium. I am here to guide you to rethink, and actualize your life-path

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About Mushkiki

I can guide you in love, finances, life path, and spiritual matters via Spirit. Spirit has been speaking with me since childhood. I'm an international Native Seer, Psychic, natural-born Healer and Medium. I am direct, honest and put you first. I am clairaudient and clairscentient. I also do Shamanic teachings, run a traveling Native Psychic Fair, and do readings or healings inside my very own tipi at Powwows, markets, and fairs. I have 27 years experience doing spiritual readings where I read the person without the aid of tools. I have over 21 years experience reading tarot to guide you with those tough questions.



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Thursday, November 26, 2020

07:00 PM - 11:00 PM